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Hole punch with ruler
  • Accessible:   46250
  • Product Code:   N35704588
  • Delivery (working days):  5
  • Price:   21.79C$

Hole punch with ruler


  • Type: Single hole punch.
  • Material: Durable metal case, transparent plastic ruler.
  • Bore diameter: Standard diameter 6mm.
  • Ruler: Integrated into the body of the hole punch, length 15 cm, divisions in millimeters.
  • Adjustment: Adjustable hole spacing for different paper sizes.
  • Ease of use: Rubberized handle for a comfortable grip, clear marks on the ruler for precise adjustment.


A hole punch with an integrated ruler is a great tool for organizing paper documents and storing them conveniently. Its compact size and functional design make it an ideal choice for office, home or educational institutions. 

The standard hole diameter makes it easy to drill holes in sheets of paper, and the integrated ruler ensures accurate measurements and alignment. 

The adjustable hole spacing allows you to work with a variety of paper sizes, and the rubberized handle provides comfortable use.

An indispensable tool for those who value order and organization in documents.

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